Friday, 13 January 2012


Hi Everybody,

so it's official: we've lost the flat and I have to move into my boyfriends current flat until mid March.

I'm seeing the positives here:

  • Might find a better flat
  • Have more time to look for a flat
  • I've got over a month to look for a job without worrying about money
  • I will be with my boyfriend
There are, of course, negatives too, but I've decided not to focus on them - life's just too short!

Now, moving on! I haven't really gotten up to much today, did around about 100 minutes of exercise (since I missed out yesterday I added a little extra today!). 
Other than that I decided to curl my hair. Please note - I have shoulder length hair... It looks like a mop, post-curl... I still kinda like it, especially since the curling iron I used is brand new and has double barrel tongs - we LOVE! They are the best tongs I've EVER had or used! 

Quick question to all you girlies though - anyone got a tip for me in terms of what kind of rounded hair brush I should buy? I bought one recently, then noticed it had plastic in the middle, not metal, meaning the result is extra frizz post hair drying - errrgh!! - Any helpful hints/brush brands you use could really help me here. 

Anyway, it's just a short entry for now as I really need to get some stuff done and well so far my day has been packed with exercise and worrying about flat stuff. 

Stay Tuned for more!

- A


  1. It's good that you're focusing on the positives! I hope that all goes well :)

    xo -S

    1. Thank you Shar! I;m sure it will :)


      - A