Sunday, 15 January 2012

3 Weeks!

Hi Everyone,

I've got exactly 3 weeks left until I move, so excited!! The only problem is that panic has begun to set in. I won't be able to move everything at once as I'm going abroad, so here I am, trying to figure out exactly what I need (and I mean really need), as I only have a big and a small suitcase available for the time being.

I can see the jaws of many women dropping all over the world right now: MOVING with only TWO suitcases?! How on earth is that going to work?! - honestly? I have no idea, especially because, when I moved home just over 2 months ago, I had an entire station wagon packed full of my things! Unfortunately, for the first few weeks (maybe even months) I will have to work with what I have...

To top it off, for the first 5 weeks back in London, I'll have to live with 3 men due to my boyfriends flat difficulties.
I think it's for the best in the end though, means I can look for flats and decide on the best one together with him, rather than letting him make the choices and both of us worrying if it's right or not.

In other news: I've finally gotten the hang of curling my hair so that it has big wavy curls, rather than tight ones. I've always wanted the wavy kind but could never get it right. I used a different curling tong to the one I used the other day. Today I used:

The Panasonic EH 1771

Unfortunately I can't currently find a seller - which is probably due to the fact that it's quite an old model. I think I bought mine about 3 or 4 years ago. Anyway, I'm sure any curling tong with the same width will give you similar results such as Misha Barton's hair (Below):

I love her hair, and now I finally know how to do mine the same way (although mine is currently a lot shorter, but once grown out, I shall curl it like this all the time).

Anyway, since nothing eventful really happened today, I'm leaving you with the above ramblings.

I will be reviewing the following in the next days:
- Contagion (film)
- Source Code (film)
- The Help (book)

So Please Stay Tuned!

- A


  1. Wow! I wouldn't know what to do with only two suitcases... I'd be in a big panic LOL
    But I'm sure you're figure something out :)
    Be sure to take your curlers! :p

    Best wishes for your move!!

    xo -S

    1. Thanks Shar, I am starting to panic as I'm thinking of more and more things that I want to bring!! lol!


      - A

  2. Sounds like quite a challenge. Good luck! :)