Sunday, 8 January 2012

My Fitness Regime

Hi Everyone,

so here it is, my fitness regime:

  • Please note, this regime has been written down in terms of how I scaled up after certain time periods. If you are not ready to increase your workouts in the same intervals, I suggest you wait until you do feel ready to add more stuff because if you don't, you can really end up injuring yourself!

Week 1-4: 20 Min. Zumba, 20 Min. Weight lifts (10 min. morning, 10 min. evening) Every day!

Week 5-6:
Day 1: 20 Min. Zumba, 30 Min Weight lifts (15 Min. morning, 15 Min. evening)
Day 2: 50 Min. Zumba, 30 Min Weight lifts (15 Morning, 15 Evening)
  • Alternate between day one and two and do this every day

Week 7-8:
Do the same as Week 5-6 and add 20 mins. Pilates EVERY DAY!

Week 8 onwards:
Day 1: 20 Min. Zumba, 30 min weight lifts (15 morning, 15 evening) 22 mins pilates
Day 2: 50 Min. Zumba, 30 min weight lifts (15 morning, 15 evening) 22 mins pilates
Day 3: same as day 2

  • Repeat from the beginning from day 4 onwards!
As you can see, the regime keeps increasing as I go along. I am currently on week 10, so 1 short Zumba day and two long Zumba days!

Other helpful hints for weight-loss/metabolism increase:

  • Eat nuts (especially almonds) - this helps increase your metabolism. However they have a LOT of calories so don't eat too many!
  • Snack when you're hungry - do not wait for a mealtime and then stuff your face, you will only end up binge eating and that's not healthy! It's easier to work off small meals than huge ones!
  • Don't skip out on certain foods (ie. carbs etc.) It's healthier to keep a balanced diet and eat in moderation. I still eat whatever I want to, however when I start to feel full I stop eating, rather than eating just because it tastes good!
  • When drinking water, squirt some lime/lemon juice in it - it increases your metabolism and helps get rid of water weight.
  • Lastly: I know I said you can eat what you want, which is true, BUT, you may still want to think twice about what you are putting down your throat, sweets, cream sauces, chemical foods etc. are all bad for your weight AND health! As I said, I eat whatever I want to, but I have decreased the amount of creamy/chemical type stuff that I eat. Just think about what it actually is that you're putting into your body, it does gross me out! Again, everyone gets cravings though, and it's okay to give in to them - just as long as it's kept in moderation!
So that's it for my current fitness regime and health tips. As I go along and increase stuff, I'll post updates. If I find any more hints that work for me, I'll be sure to let you know as well.

Stay Tuned!

- A

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