Monday, 16 January 2012

Source Code

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here's another review for all you movie lovers out there: Source Code (Click for IMDB)

This film is about a soldier who is working on a mission about which he does not know a lot of detail. Throughout the course of the film, he is told more and more about the mission. The task is, to find a bomber on a train to Chicago, in order to prevent further, similar attacks from happening. The train bombing has already happened and "Source Code" is a programme, allowing someone to be sent back to the exact scenario in order to figure out what happened.

General Notes and Opinions:
I've now watched this film twice (last year in the cinema and then, again, just the other day). I think this film is brilliant in the sense that it combines action, mystery, thriller and romance in one. The end has a twist and lets you bring your own imagination to the story in terms of what has happened. The film did give me some confusion when I watched it the first time around (still brilliant). I believe it's best to watch it on DVD (available here). Make sure you're not watching it with too many people because you've got to really pay attention to understand what is going on and in order to really understand the ending.

Overall, I'd rate this film:


It finally encompasses something different and is a film that makes you think, whilst still having interesting factors. The film is quick and there is never a part where you get bored, it starts right in the middle and then expands outwards, giving explanations further into the film.

Enjoy and be sure to let me know what you think!

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