Friday, 20 January 2012

Domestic Goddess and ID Malarkey!

Hi All,

since I've been home, my mother has taken it upon herself to "domesticate" me - in time for the big moment where I move in with my man. Don't get me wrong, I know how to do all the domestic stuff, I just didn't exactly cook the biggest variety of stuff... mainly cooking meant: Pasta, instant noodles, and making fish sticks and fries (UK: chips) in the oven. Not the most sophisticated of things, I know.

Since I've come home, I've learned to make a quite a few different things. Today I baked a bread (ok so I didn't do it from scratch but still!!) but unfortunately it kind of turned a bit lop-sided. Domestic Goddess? I think not! But as everyone always says, Practice makes perfect, and the taste of the bread was actually pretty good, which is what matters most after all! I shall practice on my man... hopefully I won't end up poisoning him in the process!

Anyway, moving on, I managed to finally pick up my new ID card (after being notified it was ready over a week ago!). Now I must say - for the first time in 6 years - I actually have a decent picture. I think we all know the horrors of ID pictures (ie passport, ID card, drivers license, student ID, etc.). I've had my fair share of awful pictures, especially with the new biometric picture rules. As a matter of fact, my passport picture currently sports a face that looks like it is three times bigger than it actually is in real life - awful, probably the worst picture I've EVER had. And I've had pictures sporting highlights (which look more like badger streaks), pictures where my hair is sticking up to the point where I look like a devil with two horns, and other "interesting" things.
So anyway, for the first time, in a long time, my dad decided to help me out with this one, and took me to a professional photographer. I went into the room, was asked to sit on a chair, back straight, face angled and two seconds later walked back into the main part of the photography shop with a really decent (actually good looking) picture in my hand to present for my ID card application appointment. SCORE!

I received it back today and am really happy, now I can travel throughout the continent without looking embarrassed and blushing every time I have to hand over a form of ID at the airport.

Do any of you have any "horror" stories related with ID cards and pictures? If so, please don't hesitate to share!

That's all for today.

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A


  1. Mums love to make sure you can manage in the outside world.

    Oh and I find the stark white against black quite tricky to read, perhaps a change of background is in order.

    1. Thanks Dan - I'm working on a new design currently, going to take a while for me to sort it out, just thought white on black was easiest for now, will change as soon as the new one's ready!