Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Same Thing, Different Day!

Hi Everyone,

I dyed my hair today, it was meant to be a dark chocolate brown colour but actually turned out as a dark red, which I actually really like, such as Annie Wersching's hair here:

Other than that, the usual routine took place: exercise, job applications, packing, and lots of knitting in front of the TV.
I've now applied to over 60 jobs in the past 8 days, which isn't bad. I've had a few responses, unfortunately recruitment agents don't seem to be bright enough to reply via email, as my British number doesn't currently work abroad. Oh well, I'll call them when I'm back in the UK.

I've been trying to get back in touch with a few old friends, but found myself getting annoyed again about the communication break-down. I know I can be rubbish at keeping in touch, but it really is annoying when I know I've made all the effort I possibly can, and get nothing in return. It does, however, really make me appreciate those friends that stay in touch all the time, those are the ones that are really worth hanging on to.

My boyfriend came up with some more disappointing news: he has had to postpone his time off (which he had booked to coincide with my first week back), because of work piling up on his end. It's unfortunate, but it does give me a few days to really buckle down on those job applications, as I won't have anybody bugging me. The time off has only been postponed by 3 days anyway, which is not the end of the world, and actually means that I get to have him all to myself on Valentine's day, as he's booked that off too!!

I've been trying to come up with a few more interesting topics for my blog, but for the next few days it'll have to be movie and book reviews, as I am so swamped with packing and getting ready for the move, that I don't really have anything interesting going on. I promise once I'm in London, I will fill you in on all the adventures I have - and don't worry, there'll be a lot more of them then!!

Also, Anybody watched the latest Pretty Little Liars? - what did you think?

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

Monday, 30 January 2012

Nearly Missed Another One!

Hi Everyone,

I'm sitting in my bed, all cozy, at 2.17am writing this. I nearly forgot to write yet another post!
I've officially got 5 sleeps left until I move and I haven't really packed all that much. I decided to empty my jewellery box today so I could pack it, then realised I have two and had to figure out (all over again) what I'm taking now and what I'm leaving for later on!
I also realised that there's no point packing up what I'm not taking now, until I've packed what I am actually taking now, that way I know what's left over... This whole packing thing isn't going too well this time around.

My mother and I had actually planned on having a little slumber party in the living room tonight, however after trying to sleep on a sofa part that is short and goes around a bend (for 2 hours!!) I finally gave up and ventured back to my bed. I figure we've still got a few days left, we'll find another way to party!

I don't really have much of an update as it is now nearly half past 2 in the morning, I'm really rather tired and I don't want to be up too late in the morning so I can do my exercise and dye my hair (dark chocolate brown!!)

I shall leave you with these short ramblings today, and I'll write a longer post at some point tomorrow - with some substantial content!

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Filling in the Gaps!

Hi Everyone,

So I missed a day of blogging yesterday. I actually started on a post but then got caught up in watching Friends and applying for jobs that it just completely slipped my mind (same thing happened today - then I was in bed and remembered... hate it when that happens).

Yesterday was a good day, my boyfriend got back from holiday and we talked on Skype for over an hour (it may not seem that long, but he didn't get back till my time 11pm!!)
Other than that I became lazy again and didn't manage to pack any more.

All changed today though, applied to another 6 jobs and managed to pack all my shoes - half an hour and they mostly fit into 2 travel bags and a large box!! I had to cram some of them in there, but I managed. Now I just have to figure out where to put the 4 pairs of shoes I plan to take with me...uh oh!!

Other than that, I continued knitting (yes, KNITTING!!) my beautiful circle scarf. It's fluffy and the colours are a combination of baby blues, pinks and summery yellows. Once finished, I shall upload a picture! It's not gonna be hugely long as I am running out of wool (darn!) but it's good enough to just plonk around my neck.
I plan on knitting another one (purpley grey mixed with whitish grey colours), which will be longer as I have more wool for it! I love circle scarves and since I can never find one I really like, I figured I'd just knit them myself, problem solved!

I finished watching friends today (surprise surprise I bawled at the end - it's just so beautiful when Rachel gets off the plane!!) Started watching "The Partridge Family" again - for those of you that haven't seen it, it's a pretty good, older show. Takes place in the 60's/70's and is a bout a family that forms a band. I started watching it as I have only one week (!!!!!) left here, and the show doesn't run for very long - perfect!

I haven't really done much other than this, hoping that my weekend job applications will get some responses tomorrow as recruiters and employers will have a rush of applications from me. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, it's just a few short ramblings from me today as it is now past midnight and I have a migraine, hoping to get lots of packing done tomorrow!

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

Friday, 27 January 2012

Today's Events in a Nutshell

Hi Everyone,

Today has been another one for the boring books. I started packing (finally!!) but didn't get much done. It's really hard to find things to pack when you still need stuff for more than a week!

I applied for some more jobs and may have a potential interview happening the first week I'm back in London (great news or what?!). It's not really something I want to do (it's sales, which I hate), but my theory here is that a job is better than no job - it pays the bills after all! Other than that I've been applying for all kinds of things related to what I'd like to do.

I watched the film "The Help" today (for those of you who don't know, I reviewed the book here). I have to say, the film is good, but it leaves out a lot of parts from the book. I felt like the film happened to quickly and things weren't described too well. I therefore urge anybody who hasn't read the book, to do so - it is so much better than the film!

Got to talk to the boyfriend again today, he's back from his holiday tomorrow, meaning I finally get to talk to him on Skype again. Not long till I get to actually see him properly either!!

Otherwise, not much has happened today.

I did want to ask, however, does anybody have any tips on job applications/CVs/Cover Letters? I would really appreciate any helpful hints/suggestions you have!

It's just a short one again today.

As Always,

Stay Tuned!

- A

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Crazy, Stupid, Love. - Film Review

Hi Everyone,

So I've decided to review another film for you today: Crazy, Stupid, Love. (Click for IMDB)

This film is a classic chick-flick love story which is all about cliches such as "the world is such a small place".
What happens is that a middle-aged woman cheats on her middle-aged husband with her colleague at work, and wants a divorce due to the fact that the marriage has ended up in a rut. After receiving this blow to the head, the husband sits in a bar and complains and discusses the same story over and over again until a young man decides to take him under his wing and turn him into a "womanizer". This young man then ends up finding the love of his life, thus completely reversing roles between him and the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man's son is in love with his babysitter, who in turn is in love with his father. Without giving away the ending, I have to tell you that this is where it becomes complicated between all characters involved in the film.

Notes and Opinions:
I realise the summary may come off as a bit confusing, but this film really has to be watched in order to understand what's going on as there are 4-5 stories going on at the same time and different characters link to each other in different ways.
I recommend this movie to any girl who wants to spend a night in with the girls, drinking cocktails and putting on face masks! It is the perfect sleep-over, chick-flick film for such an occasion!

I rate this film:


I'm giving the film this rating, as it is a good chick-flick film, however it is still a stereotypical one. This means that it's not that much different from other chick-flick films and, whilst it is funny to watch, it does not need a large amount of concentration and is just a typical girlie film for everyone out there looking for love, as it gives you hope. 

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Living The Princess Dream

Hi Everyone,

It's gonna be another short one today, unfortunately, as it's already close to midnight and I'm pretty tired (kinda lame, I know, but not much of a party girl these days!).

Today has been another one of those write-off's. The plan was to apply for jobs and start packing for London.

- Job Applications - check (done 6 today)
- Start Packing - NOPE! (instead I chose to have cocktails and sit and chat with my mother for hours).

After we had dinner and sat in the living room until about 9, we decided to venture upstairs to my mother's famous wardrobe (the woman just has so many clothes and shoes!!) to have a look at ball gowns. My parents are attending some kind of Gala soon, and mom wanted to figure out what to wear. So here she was trying on dresses, and one was so big, it just slipped right off her (yes, my mother is skinnier than me!!). You have to note here, I'm a UK size 10 - the dress was a UK 8! (just imagine how skinny my mother is!!)
But ok, the dress actually fit me, so it seems to come a bit bigger!
The dress is gorgeous, a black top part (covering the bust and coming down to just above the waist) a few rose shaped pieces lining the lower back and then it flows out into a dark purpley, almost wine colour. I know I haven't described it too well, but sadly I don't have a picture. When I was wearing it, I did feel like I was playing princess :)

I had a short exercising day today but have been feeling like the pounds aren't really coming off too quickly so I did another 20 minutes extra. I tell you, once the water weight is lost, it's really difficult to lose the rest, it's taken me nearly 6 weeks to lose 2 KGs whereas I lost 5 KGs in a month when I first started. It's not easy, but I'm determined (some might say I've gotten addicted to exercise)!
My boyfriend is already telling me how he's going to fatten me up again (please nooooo!!)!
I have to admit though, I've been drinking unusual amounts of alcohol recently (okay it's only 1 drink with dinner a day but still!!). I know that's adding to the difficulties. I think once I've moved I'll stop the drinking, alcohol is the worst thing to try and work off!!

Anyway lovely readers, I'm going to call it a night now as it has now gone past midnight and I'm a little exhausted (even though I've not done all that much today).

I'll be reviewing the following movies in the next few days:
- Contagion
- Friends with Benefits
- Crazy, Stupid Love

So As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Embarrassed much?!

Hi Everyone,

so this morning I got out of bed, opened the shutters of my bedroom window and then got changed (yes, I know, stupid order to do it in!!). I have to mention, here, that the neighbours house (nearest to my bedroom window) is about 10 metres away and both his and my garden is between both our houses, meaning someone would have to actually be in my garden to even be able to see through my window when the lights are off.
So I was getting changed, and all of a sudden I see someone walking past (bearing in mind I was stark naked at this point), so I jumped, trying to hide... only about 2 minutes later did I realise it was the neighbours cat waddling past! Embarrassed?! I think so!!

In other news, apparently my blog has reached bloglovin and LinkedIn (and no I have not registered it on any of these sites yet). A quick search for my blog today showed me that I have established quite a web of links, and some of my blog visitors must have somehow helped me do so too, which I'm quite chuffed about.

As a matter of fact - I'd like to write a quick note here, to thank all of you lovely followers and blog visitors, I've only been up and running for just over two weeks, and am not doing too badly so far, which is all thanks to you, so Thank You!

Anyway, I've only got a short one again for you today, as I'm still busy applying for jobs and preparing for the big move!

Thank you for reading and As Always,

Stay Tuned!

- A

Monday, 23 January 2012

Reflections of the Past and Future.

Hi Everyone,

today has been another one of those un-eventful days. I must say, however, I managed to finally get over my procrastination and made a list of what I'm going to take to London in my two suitcases. I also applied to 6 jobs and managed to put my CV up on 3 different jobsites. I believe that's not a bad start!

Other than that I've had the privilege to be able to email my boyfriend the last couple of days, which is making this week go by a lot faster than it would if I wouldn't hear from him at all. I can't believe that in less than 2 weeks I will be back in London, it's been less than 3 months since I left, but it feels like it's been longer, so much has happened. I'm still apprehensive about moving in with my boyfriend, even though I know it's all about open communication and having respect for one another, but it is a big step for me.

On a random note, something that occurred to me today, whilst thinking about all of my lovely friends in London, is the fact that friendships seem to fall apart (or in my case grow apart) so fast when you don't see someone or speak to someone regularly like you used to. I miss my friends over there, but sometimes I feel like I'm the only one making the effort, but it takes two to keep a friendship alive.
I experienced the same problem when I moved away from my uni town and moved to London the first time. I kept in contact with people at uni and my old work place. I kept promising that I would visit them, but none of them were ever free when I was, and eventually it got to the point where the friendship just didn't function any more and everyone drifted apart. I still speak to them on special occasions, but when I moved out of the country, back to my home country, I didn't tell any of them because the closeness we all shared as a group has disappeared. I haven't seen any of them in nearly 2 years and I have to say I do miss them. They were the type of friends that you could share anything with and know that "gossip" would never travel any further.

Have any of you experienced the fact that life moves on and friends grow apart because of factors like busy schedules, location differences etc?

Also, on the other hand, are any of you still friends with people you met a long time ago?

I do have a couple of friends from school that I met 11 years ago, and am still friends with today. I admit I don't talk to them every day, but I know I can count on them (just as much as they can count on me) if something happens, or if we just want to chat about random stuff. They're the type of friends you see after a few years and there's no awkwardness there.

Anyway, it's a bit of a ramble today as I've had a reflective one today.

But As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

Sunday, 22 January 2012

2 weeks - when will the Procrastination stop?!

Hi Everyone,

so I've only got 2 weeks left at home and (yes, you've guessed it) the preparations have come to a stop... as a matter of fact, they never really even began - oh blessed procrastination!

Instead of sticking to "the plan" of getting ready and completing all the important stuff, I've been blogging, promoting my blog and watching friends... preparation fail!

Now I'm just panicking even more as my plan says to start applying for jobs... TODAY!! Which, granted, I actually started yesterday, so that's good. But I've been applying with the old CV, meaning the whole "write a new CV and cover letter" hasn't really happened.

Don't get me wrong - I've got a good CV, I know this due to the amount of employers that keep telling me it is, but I did want to mix it up and change it around a bit to try and reel in even more interviews than before.

I really need to start getting ready, after all I only have 2 weeks (14 days!!) left until my life starts over again.

In other news, something rather freaky happened today: an explosion near my house!!

I was in the basement, talking to my mother, when all of a sudden the lights flickered and two seconds later we heard a REALLY loud crash. My mother thought it was thunder at first, but there was not a grey cloud in the sky and it sounded different to a thundery sound. Then my mother thought a small plane might have crashed in the forest which is about 2-3 miles away from my house.
We ran around the house looking out of every possible window to find any sort of clue as to what might have happened when, suddenly, we saw a huge cloud of smoke emerging into the sky about a mile away from my house. The smoke was coming from an electric field which is there, meaning something must have exploded there. Not two minutes later about 10(ish) fire engines rushed towards the electric field.
I still don't know exactly what happened but it was quite scary as these things don't (really) ever happen.

Anyway, that's all from me today. Need to stop procrastinating and continue the job applications!

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

Saturday, 21 January 2012

AdSense or AdNonsense?

Hi Everyone,

So I've been working on a new blog layout/design (please bear with me, it's taking me a while as my HTML skills have gotten a little rusty over the years). For some of you that are members on the Bloggers.com community will know that I've opened up a talk about AdSense.

For those of you who haven't seen it, and those of you that are not part of the community, I'd like to ask:
is AdSense (or similar) worth it? Or is it just annoying when you visit blogs with advertisements on them?

Also, if there are other advertising programs, similar to AdSense, around, please feel free to recommend them. I'm trying to decide IF I want to advertise, and what advertising provider to use.

Thanks Everyone, it's just a short one for now.

But As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

For all you bookworms!

Hi Everybody,

I've decided to write another book review for all you book lovers out there.

This review is about: The Help - by Kathryn Stockett

Click the Picture to Purchase from Amazon UK

To summarise, this book takes place in Jackson, Mississippi, post slavery and pre equal rights for all. The book is about black maids raising children of white families. All boundaries are pushed when a white woman decides (together with these maids) to write a book. The book contains stories that these maids experienced throughout their working life. It is completely anonymous. However it is obvious to the white folk, who went about writing this book, and exactly who those stories are about. The book is a brilliant insight into those days, where equal rights were non-existent. I consider this to be another one of my favourite books, as it really is another one of those books that opens your eyes to previous issues that a part of the world experienced.

I recommend this book to anybody who is interested in past events that happened in a different culture.

It combines tears, laughter, anger, joy and every other type of emotion under the sun, and therefore is such a good read! The book is told from different points of view - sharing stories about different characters and families.

Overall, I rate this book:

That's all for now, lovely readers.

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

Friday, 20 January 2012

Domestic Goddess and ID Malarkey!

Hi All,

since I've been home, my mother has taken it upon herself to "domesticate" me - in time for the big moment where I move in with my man. Don't get me wrong, I know how to do all the domestic stuff, I just didn't exactly cook the biggest variety of stuff... mainly cooking meant: Pasta, instant noodles, and making fish sticks and fries (UK: chips) in the oven. Not the most sophisticated of things, I know.

Since I've come home, I've learned to make a quite a few different things. Today I baked a bread (ok so I didn't do it from scratch but still!!) but unfortunately it kind of turned a bit lop-sided. Domestic Goddess? I think not! But as everyone always says, Practice makes perfect, and the taste of the bread was actually pretty good, which is what matters most after all! I shall practice on my man... hopefully I won't end up poisoning him in the process!

Anyway, moving on, I managed to finally pick up my new ID card (after being notified it was ready over a week ago!). Now I must say - for the first time in 6 years - I actually have a decent picture. I think we all know the horrors of ID pictures (ie passport, ID card, drivers license, student ID, etc.). I've had my fair share of awful pictures, especially with the new biometric picture rules. As a matter of fact, my passport picture currently sports a face that looks like it is three times bigger than it actually is in real life - awful, probably the worst picture I've EVER had. And I've had pictures sporting highlights (which look more like badger streaks), pictures where my hair is sticking up to the point where I look like a devil with two horns, and other "interesting" things.
So anyway, for the first time, in a long time, my dad decided to help me out with this one, and took me to a professional photographer. I went into the room, was asked to sit on a chair, back straight, face angled and two seconds later walked back into the main part of the photography shop with a really decent (actually good looking) picture in my hand to present for my ID card application appointment. SCORE!

I received it back today and am really happy, now I can travel throughout the continent without looking embarrassed and blushing every time I have to hand over a form of ID at the airport.

Do any of you have any "horror" stories related with ID cards and pictures? If so, please don't hesitate to share!

That's all for today.

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Blogging Survey

Hi Everyone,

I've just compiled a short (10 question) survey about blogging and would REALLY appreciate it if you could all please take part. It would really help me understand what you all enjoy reading, and will help me shape my blog a little better.

Click here to take part in my survey

Thank you so much in advance!
- A

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

So Much to Do and So Little Time!

Hi Everyone,

today I came to realise how little time I actually have left here at home! There are so many things I wanted to do before I move:

- Pack everything (need to decide what to take now and what will be delivered later on!)
- Read 2 books
- Complete the outline to my own book so that everything is planned and all I have to do is actually write it
- Catalogue my entire wardrobe into one iPhone app
- Begin the job search again
- Rewrite my CV/update it
- Write a new cover letter
- Create an entirely new layout for my blog & promote it some more
- Finish watching the entire show of Friends

The above list is just a fraction of all the things I wanted to get done, and with only 2 and a half weeks left before I leave, I cannot find enough time in one day to finish all that and find time to exercise for at least one hour and also write at least one blog post!
I realise some things on that list are less important, like reading and watching friends etc. But I did really want to finish everything before leaving again.

Another problem I've found is the fact that I am currently sleeping so much more (as I have no job routine) and also trying to sleep the days away until I finally get to see my boyfriend again. It's aggravating when time is against you, and yet you still find yourself wishing that time away.

I'm prioritising and have used the calendar on my phone to plan everything I NEED to get done before I move, meaning if I get stuff done by my "deadline" I'll have time for the other stuff too. Of course there are things I can take with me to do back in London, but I did really want to avoid taking unnecessary things like books with me when (as I've mentioned in a previous blog post), I've only got 2 suitcases to work with for the time being.

Anyway, that's all from me for today!

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Are Things Finally Turning Around?!

Hi Everyone,

so I've just received some brilliant news! The landlord of the flat my boyfriend found for us (the one I'd said here we'd lost), has gotten in contact with my boyfriend today to tell him this:

The current tenants have asked to stay in the flat for an extra one (maybe two) months! If we still want the flat, the landlord will keep the flat on hold for us for when we want to move in!!! I feel uplifted because it takes some stress off of me. My boyfriend said he wants me to see the flat before we make a final decision, but if we move in there, I only need to focus on finding a job, which is great!

It's given me a bit of perspective too, that everything works out one way or another in the end, and just because something happens, does not mean that all hope is lost!

Of course it's not all settled just yet, as nothing has been signed, but we'll see what happens.

Anyway, it's just a short post.

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

We Were On A Break...?!

Hi Everybody,

so I'm in a bit of a predicament at the moment because I can't decide what to post about today, so in order to give myself a bit more time, I've decided on this:

I've been watching Friends recently (gotta love a bit of Friends!!) and recently got up to the Ross and Rachel "we were on a break" bit!
Now anybody that's watched the entire show of Friends before, will know what I mean.

So here's my question, who do you agree with:

- Ross - who slept with another girl just hours after him and Rachel declared it was time for a break from their relationship and said that it was clearly allowed due to the fact that they were on a break.
- Rachel - who said that they were not on a break and just had an argument, and even if they were, Ross still slept with someone else just hours after the "we are on a break" decision was made.

What would you do in this situation? It'd be interesting to see what you all think.

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

Monday, 16 January 2012

Source Code

Hi Everyone,

here's another review for all you movie lovers out there: Source Code (Click for IMDB)

This film is about a soldier who is working on a mission about which he does not know a lot of detail. Throughout the course of the film, he is told more and more about the mission. The task is, to find a bomber on a train to Chicago, in order to prevent further, similar attacks from happening. The train bombing has already happened and "Source Code" is a programme, allowing someone to be sent back to the exact scenario in order to figure out what happened.

General Notes and Opinions:
I've now watched this film twice (last year in the cinema and then, again, just the other day). I think this film is brilliant in the sense that it combines action, mystery, thriller and romance in one. The end has a twist and lets you bring your own imagination to the story in terms of what has happened. The film did give me some confusion when I watched it the first time around (still brilliant). I believe it's best to watch it on DVD (available here). Make sure you're not watching it with too many people because you've got to really pay attention to understand what is going on and in order to really understand the ending.

Overall, I'd rate this film:


It finally encompasses something different and is a film that makes you think, whilst still having interesting factors. The film is quick and there is never a part where you get bored, it starts right in the middle and then expands outwards, giving explanations further into the film.

Enjoy and be sure to let me know what you think!

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

Sunday, 15 January 2012

3 Weeks!

Hi Everyone,

I've got exactly 3 weeks left until I move, so excited!! The only problem is that panic has begun to set in. I won't be able to move everything at once as I'm going abroad, so here I am, trying to figure out exactly what I need (and I mean really need), as I only have a big and a small suitcase available for the time being.

I can see the jaws of many women dropping all over the world right now: MOVING with only TWO suitcases?! How on earth is that going to work?! - honestly? I have no idea, especially because, when I moved home just over 2 months ago, I had an entire station wagon packed full of my things! Unfortunately, for the first few weeks (maybe even months) I will have to work with what I have...

To top it off, for the first 5 weeks back in London, I'll have to live with 3 men due to my boyfriends flat difficulties.
I think it's for the best in the end though, means I can look for flats and decide on the best one together with him, rather than letting him make the choices and both of us worrying if it's right or not.

In other news: I've finally gotten the hang of curling my hair so that it has big wavy curls, rather than tight ones. I've always wanted the wavy kind but could never get it right. I used a different curling tong to the one I used the other day. Today I used:

The Panasonic EH 1771

Unfortunately I can't currently find a seller - which is probably due to the fact that it's quite an old model. I think I bought mine about 3 or 4 years ago. Anyway, I'm sure any curling tong with the same width will give you similar results such as Misha Barton's hair (Below):

I love her hair, and now I finally know how to do mine the same way (although mine is currently a lot shorter, but once grown out, I shall curl it like this all the time).

Anyway, since nothing eventful really happened today, I'm leaving you with the above ramblings.

I will be reviewing the following in the next days:
- Contagion (film)
- Source Code (film)
- The Help (book)

So Please Stay Tuned!

- A

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Writer's block - Help?!

Hi Everybody,

so I've been feeling a bit writer's blockish today, somehow, I've been busy all day and haven't had a minute to sit down and write a blog post, but on the other hand, I haven't actually really done much of anything today... Kinda strange when that happens (which luckily isn't often!!).

I think it's another one of those "write-off" kinda days, where nothing really happens. Again, I've not managed to write any additional material for my book (will I ever manage to finish it, let alone get it published?!)

I really need to find my motivation again, It happens all the time, I have a (in my opinion) brilliant idea, I put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), write a good 10,000 words (yes, it's happened more than once!) and then lose all sense of motivation. Years later, I stumble upon it again and think "wow this is actually not half bad", yet still can't find the motivation to continue! What is it with me?!

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I hate writing - how could I, I wouldn't attempt to write a book, or even bother with a blog. As a matter of fact, I love writing, it's my passion. But for some reason I just get stuck eventually. I plan out all the big events of my story, but when it gets to a slower part, I just don't know how to make things interesting enough for someone to want to keep reading. It then gets to a point where I myself don't even want to keep writing it because I think "who's going to read this anyway?"

Anyway, enough of the writer's block ramblings, if any of you have any tips for me and my writing, please share them - I could really use the help.

Here's hoping for a motivational and more eventful day tomorrow!!

Stay Tuned,

- A

Friday, 13 January 2012

The Remington Pearl Pro Styler

Hi Everybody,

for those of you wondering which hair styler I was referring to in my previous post, it's the Remington CI9522 Pearl Pro Styler:

Click to buy from Amazon UK for £17.99

Again, best curling iron I've ever used! You can do curls or waves with this, and so far my hair still looks the same as it did when I curled it earlier - without having used any products before or after!

Stay Tuned,

- A


Hi Everybody,

so it's official: we've lost the flat and I have to move into my boyfriends current flat until mid March.

I'm seeing the positives here:

  • Might find a better flat
  • Have more time to look for a flat
  • I've got over a month to look for a job without worrying about money
  • I will be with my boyfriend
There are, of course, negatives too, but I've decided not to focus on them - life's just too short!

Now, moving on! I haven't really gotten up to much today, did around about 100 minutes of exercise (since I missed out yesterday I added a little extra today!). 
Other than that I decided to curl my hair. Please note - I have shoulder length hair... It looks like a mop, post-curl... I still kinda like it, especially since the curling iron I used is brand new and has double barrel tongs - we LOVE! They are the best tongs I've EVER had or used! 

Quick question to all you girlies though - anyone got a tip for me in terms of what kind of rounded hair brush I should buy? I bought one recently, then noticed it had plastic in the middle, not metal, meaning the result is extra frizz post hair drying - errrgh!! - Any helpful hints/brush brands you use could really help me here. 

Anyway, it's just a short entry for now as I really need to get some stuff done and well so far my day has been packed with exercise and worrying about flat stuff. 

Stay Tuned for more!

- A

Thursday, 12 January 2012

What a Day!

Hi Everybody,

following on from my post this morning, I received bad news about my boyfriends landlord situation. Apparently he's made things a lot more difficult, meaning we might end up losing the flat we found. The whole situation has become a bit messy and my boyfriend and I have really been screwed over in the whole process.
To top it all off I was in such a state of annoyance today that I could not (for the first time in 10 weeks!) exercise for an hour - I only managed 20 minutes, which is at least something I guess.
I even went shopping (again!!) and ended up buying... well nothing, because I've been in such a state of blah that I just didn't feel like doing anything.
I think it's been one of those days where all of life's issues come down on you and you just feel like screaming. I'm feeling a bit sick of having to box my way through more crap. And I thought 2012 was going to be my year, so far I've had yet another crappy start to a year.
As I sit here complaining, I think to myself, it can only get better from now, right? In just over 3 weeks time I'll be in London, and come what may, I am determined to make things better for myself. When life gives you a hard time, you fight back, only that way you'll come out the other end a stronger person! That's been my motto all my life, and I intend to stick to it.

I've been trying to continue writing my book (for those of you who don't know it yet - I am trying to write a book at the moment) but I think today has just been a write-off. Hoping for a better day tomorrow, especially because I only have just over a week left before I have to start getting everything in order for the move.

May motivation set in tomorrow, as for now, I think I'm just gonna have a quiet rest of the evening, relax and try not to worry, everything will work out in the end - life always goes on in one way or another.

Wishing you all a lovely evening,

Stay Tuned for more.

- A

Worried and Anxious...again!

Hi Everyone,

woke up this morning feeling ridiculously anxious. I spoke to my boyfriend on Skype last night and I think we've come to a decision about which flat we want to move into, which is of course brilliant.
On the down side, however, his current landlord has started to become a bit difficult in terms of the notice period and everybody wanting to move out of the flat within the next few months.
I've not heard from my boyfriend yet, but I'm worried because after a bit of a back and forth, we finally agreed on the same flat, and now we might end up losing out because of the other factors.
Along with the whole flat anxiety, I'm still really nervous about working again and finding another job. I know it will be difficult, it's never easy. I just wish I was already there, working and in a new flat, would make things so much easier.
Then again I've learned not to wish my time away and live in the now. I may regret what I wish for later.

On the up side, I can't wait to finally move in with my man and get back to my life, I feel like everything's been on hold for the past three months, and I can't wait to have back what I had to give up in November.

Anyway, it's just a short one for now, will be back later with more.

Stay Tuned,

- A

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Life after uni

Hi Everyone,

So I finished university a while ago and have (probably like quite a few other people) flitted from job to job for a while, finally landing my dream job, only to realise that I hated it. After a long spindly road I ended up with no job, no money, and my worst fear realised: Moving back to my home country and needing to decide whether I would brave the whole "long distance" thing with my boyfriend. Now, almost 6 months after leaving my last job, I've got no new job, but am moving back to be with my boyfriend. At least that part of my life has worked out.

The fear I'm now starting to realise, however, is trying to find a job after being out of work for quite a while. I'm worried because of the current job climate. I finally know what I really want to do, without following in the footsteps of all of my uni friends, just because what they're doing seemed like the right thing for me.

I'm scared to let down my boyfriend, I'm worried I won't be able to find a job that I want and, worst of all, I look at other people my age and envy them for what they've already achieved in the time I've been sitting on my bum doing, well, nothing!

Whilst I was still at uni, I used to think to myself, I just want to be done so I can finally start my life and my career. Now I wish I hadn't thought that, that time hadn't gone by so fast, that I could rewind time and go back to graduation, I'd do it all over and work hard on keeping myself above water for longer.

Sometimes I sit and reflect on where it all went wrong and I wonder if other people find themselves in this situation.

Anyway, just another thought provoking entry for you lovely readers out there.

Any thoughts, questions, concerns or even tips - feel free to share.

And As Always, Stay Tuned,

- A

Pretty Little Liars

Hi Everyone,

anybody seen the show "Pretty Little Liars"?

Click for IMDB

I LOVE this show, here's a short summary for all:
Four girls attending highschool have just received news of their best friend Ally being murdered. Ally would never tell the girls any secrets about herself, but knew everything there was to know about the other four. All of a sudden, after her death, they begin to receive text messages by "A" who is out to torture them and force them to tell these secrets. Murder, scandal, and forbidden romance are all a part of the show, and these elements and so much more make the show interesting. It has chick-flick elements, and don't worry, there is no gore involved (I hate gore myself)! 
I'm not going to go and give this show a rating as it is still running, however I do highly recommend watching it, the gossipy, scandalous edge to this show makes it all the more "juicy" to watch! Although I must warn you, even I need to stop watching it late at night - it gives me the creeps and makes me want to sleep with the light on sometimes (and no, the show really is not that bad, it's just me!)

Stay Tuned for more,

- A

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Friends and Intuition

Hi Everybody,

I'm just about to go to bed but thought I'd leave you with a philosophical entry about friends tonight.

Have you ever found that the phrase "friends come and go" really rings true? It certainly has done for me, so far in my life, but not in the way I expected it to. I took the phrase to mean that you just simply stop staying in touch with people as a chapter of your life comes to a close and a new one begins. It definitely has been the case for me with some people. Especially once I finished school, and again when I finished uni. People started travelling and, although I'm still connected to them all on Facebook, they are barely ever online and I just don't really seem to find the time to go online myself. It got so far that I just forgot to reply to people and with that, slowly, communication ceased and eventually we were just left as acquaintances on Facebook, rather than friends.
In other cases, however, friends have "gone" in completely different ways. I've stopped communication with at least four people (probably more but as it's late my brain is not in complete think mode right now). Reasons for these communication breaks are partly due to an initial lapse in judgement on my part. I myself have a VERY good intuition when it comes to first impressions. I will know from the second I meet someone whether they will turn out to be a good friend or someone who will stab me in the back in some way or another. However, as opposed to many people, I NEVER let myself judge on these first impressions because I am not one to judge a book by its cover. I have, however, never been wrong (in hindsight) about my intuitive feelings concerning others.
As I said, I've ceased communication with at least four people, and I will divulge the details of these particular stories at a later point in time, once my brain is more functional, as these stories are rather long-winded.
The point of this post was just to be a bit thought provoking in terms of whether any of you have this "intuitive feeling" about people, and how you act and react upon it, do you judge and turn away from these people, or are you like me in the sense that you wait for the person to really unfold themselves?

Let me know!

Stay Tuned,

- A

New Nail polish

Hi Everybody,

So I forgot to mention that I bought a gorgeous new nail varnish today!!
It's by essence (colour & go) and it's number 76 (see picture below):

I had a nail varnish a few years back, which was a dark blue colour as well, and I loved it. I accidentally threw it away when my parents moved, and I've been looking for the perfect alternative ever since.
I painted my nails today (a little bit messy in this picture as I was in a bit of a rush at that point in time):

I absolutely love this colour and since I wear jeans quite regularly, this colour goes really well!

For your information, it costs 1.95 Euros and is available in most supermarkets or drug stores.

I love this colour, let me know what you think.
Have any favourite nail varnishes you'd like to share? Feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks and Stay Tuned,

- A

Men and Clothes

Hi Everybody,

So today I decided to go and buy some new clothes. I think I did pretty well by spending a minimal amount of money on quite a bit of clothes (ok, so I don't ALWAYS buy the branded stuff).

I bought:

- Tights
- 2 sets of underwear
- Black leggings
- Pattern Grey/Black leggings (see below :))
- a plain black top

Do you see a pattern emerging? I'm always going for black!
Funnily enough though, I never end up having any black clothes, I don't understand how it happens, but it really does.

So anyway, I spent a small amount of money and decided to tell my boyfriend (who is currently in London so I can't see his face when he gets my email), that I spent some money. Of course, being a man, he got annoyed, as a matter of fact I believe he is currently sulking about the fact that I spent my own money.

So here's my question:
What's the deal with that? Why do men get annoyed about us women going shopping?

Stay Tuned,

- A

Monday, 9 January 2012

Random iPhone App Difficulty

Hey Everyone,

So I've decided to get one of those "wardrobe app" things for my iPhone. Thought it'd help me catalogue all my various items of clothing along with my accessories etc. I've added one to my phone already but I'm not really satisfied with it, it doesn't seem to have enough categories for me to really organise everything.

What with me moving soon, I need to get organised and sorted quite quickly because I have to pack my whole life back into boxes and suitcases again, and I'd like to know what I've got in my closet at the moment. 

Anyway, the point I'm getting at is, does anybody else have an iPhone wardrobe app type thing which they are happy with and which they use all the time?


Stay tuned,

- A

The Girls of Riyadh - Book Review

Hi Everybody,

I finished reading "The Girls of Riyadh" by Rajaa Alsanea last night!

Click the picture to get a copy from Amazon UK

This book is about four young women living in Saudi Arabia, who deal with the struggles of a very religious society full of rules and complications. The book is like a Saudi Sex and the City story, written in email format by a woman who tells the Western world how difficult it can be to live under such religious constraints. I very much admire the author, and it has given me a great insight into the Saudi Arabian world, much more so than any religion or history lesson I've ever been taught. 
This book shares thoughts, feelings, emotions and details of peoples lives, which each and every one of us feels. It makes me feel lucky that I have not had such a sheltered and planned out life. But it also makes me realise that true love, in it's many forms and ways, exists everywhere and, even if it does not last very long, we are all lucky to have found it at some point in our lives. 

I fully recommend reading this book to all of you, it has been really well written, and I can now safely say that it has been added to my list of favourite books.


Stay Tuned - more to come!

- A

Another one for you movie lovers!

Hi Everybody,

Here is the second movie I'd like to review: The Hangover Part 2 (click for IMDB info)

Another one of the guys is getting married and, of course, a bachelor party is in order! The party, as always, is epic. The hangover, however, not so much! The film is (just like the first part) all about piecing together the night before, and trying to find one of the guys who got lost during the night. Along with a monk, an international criminal, and a drug dealing monkey, the gang goes about trying to figure out where the last member of the group has gotten to, and what happened the night before.

General Notes & Opinions:
- This film is, just like the Hangover Part 1, very funny! It has all sorts of twists and turns to it.
- General entertainment value is quite high, but again I would not rate it PG for your children as there is lots of swearing involved in this film too.
- Overall, I would rate this film:


I thought the film was funny and a brilliant way to spend a quiet night in with your friends, along with some pizza and wine (or beer if you prefer ;)) 

Let me know what you guys think of this film if you've seen it.

Stay tuned for more!

- A

For all you movie lovers!

Hi Everyone,

So I've decided to make this blog more interesting by incorporating my opinions along with insightful information on topics other than myself, I guess you could say this is an all-round blog now!

I've therefore got two movies to review, both of which I watched on Saturday night for the first time:

- 30:minutes or less
- the Hangover Part 2

Now I realise these are not the newest of films, however I will be reviewing them based on my opinions.

30:minutes or less (click for IMDB info) -
Summary: A guy of about 21-22 years old (named Nick) gets kidnapped and has a bomb strapped to his chest by two wanna-be criminals. He gets told that he has 10 hours to come up with $100,000 or the bomb explodes.
The whole movie is based on Nick trying to come up with the money in time, in order not to be a victim in this scenario.

General Notes & Opinions:
- The film is for both guys and girls, as it has silly moments along with chick flick elements incorporated.
- There is quite a bit of swearing so I would not rate it a PG film for young children.
- Entertainment value is fine, however due to the amount of swearing, the film has too much silliness to it.
- I would not say the film is a waste of time, but all things considered, overall, I would give it a rating of:

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this film if you've seen it. 

I would recommend it for a night in when you've not got much to do or watch otherwise as it'll kill about an hour and a half of your time. 

Stay Tuned for the next film rating: The Hangover Part 2

- A

Sunday, 8 January 2012

My Fitness Regime

Hi Everyone,

so here it is, my fitness regime:

  • Please note, this regime has been written down in terms of how I scaled up after certain time periods. If you are not ready to increase your workouts in the same intervals, I suggest you wait until you do feel ready to add more stuff because if you don't, you can really end up injuring yourself!

Week 1-4: 20 Min. Zumba, 20 Min. Weight lifts (10 min. morning, 10 min. evening) Every day!

Week 5-6:
Day 1: 20 Min. Zumba, 30 Min Weight lifts (15 Min. morning, 15 Min. evening)
Day 2: 50 Min. Zumba, 30 Min Weight lifts (15 Morning, 15 Evening)
  • Alternate between day one and two and do this every day

Week 7-8:
Do the same as Week 5-6 and add 20 mins. Pilates EVERY DAY!

Week 8 onwards:
Day 1: 20 Min. Zumba, 30 min weight lifts (15 morning, 15 evening) 22 mins pilates
Day 2: 50 Min. Zumba, 30 min weight lifts (15 morning, 15 evening) 22 mins pilates
Day 3: same as day 2

  • Repeat from the beginning from day 4 onwards!
As you can see, the regime keeps increasing as I go along. I am currently on week 10, so 1 short Zumba day and two long Zumba days!

Other helpful hints for weight-loss/metabolism increase:

  • Eat nuts (especially almonds) - this helps increase your metabolism. However they have a LOT of calories so don't eat too many!
  • Snack when you're hungry - do not wait for a mealtime and then stuff your face, you will only end up binge eating and that's not healthy! It's easier to work off small meals than huge ones!
  • Don't skip out on certain foods (ie. carbs etc.) It's healthier to keep a balanced diet and eat in moderation. I still eat whatever I want to, however when I start to feel full I stop eating, rather than eating just because it tastes good!
  • When drinking water, squirt some lime/lemon juice in it - it increases your metabolism and helps get rid of water weight.
  • Lastly: I know I said you can eat what you want, which is true, BUT, you may still want to think twice about what you are putting down your throat, sweets, cream sauces, chemical foods etc. are all bad for your weight AND health! As I said, I eat whatever I want to, but I have decreased the amount of creamy/chemical type stuff that I eat. Just think about what it actually is that you're putting into your body, it does gross me out! Again, everyone gets cravings though, and it's okay to give in to them - just as long as it's kept in moderation!
So that's it for my current fitness regime and health tips. As I go along and increase stuff, I'll post updates. If I find any more hints that work for me, I'll be sure to let you know as well.

Stay Tuned!

- A

Oh Dear - Part 2

Hi Everyone,

it's me again!
Here we go with part 2 of my recent developments of the last 2(ish) months:

- So one of my boyfriend's housemates (let's call him Jack) has been complaining about costs of rent ever since he moved in - this is kinda a long story but I'll shorten it as much as I can for you.
When he moved in, Jack seemed to be perfectly fine with the way rent was paid: a certain amount on the 1st of every month, which is, usually, perfect for everybody due to various pay-days. Jack was fully aware of bills and rent costs prior to signing the contract, and could have voiced any concerns back then, however he chose not to. The entire ordeal began before I'd even left London, as Jack decided that the day the rent was paid was not good enough for him - he could not afford it for the first two-three months. This was because his pay didn't arrive until the 12th of the month.
He decided to ask my boyfriend for a loan for those "few" days between paying the rent and receiving his own pay. My boyfriend agreed and drew up a contract to secure himself. Jack in turn was, of course, not happy about this contract as he thought my boyfriend would blindly trust him. This went on through various discussions with all housemates involved (3 altogether).
After a while, a conclusion was made, that Jack would phone the landlord and ask for the paying date to be moved to the 12th of every month. Now both my boyfriend and Alex (their other housemate) were fine with this, but of course it looked bad on their part as they never had any problems before.
I had specifically warned my boyfriend about the fact that this was not the end of it, that Jack would be back for more because he thought he'd be able to get away with it.
Of course, I was right. Barely 2 months after I left (this actually happened the day before yesterday), Jack decided to email their landlord (Ccing his girlfriend(!!), my boyfriend and Alex into the email). This would have been perfectly fine, had they had a prior discussion about what was going on. Jack complained the prices for each room were not fairly split, that no one wanted his room because it was "too expensive" - he was planning to move into my boyfriends room after he moved out and so they were trying to find another housemate for Jack's room. Everything blew up completely, finally coming to the point where everyone within the flat is ready to leave.

- In other news, my sister came to visit over the holidays and for the first time in almost 3 years we were together again as a family. I'd missed the previous 2 Christmases due to prior work commitments. It was not the best Christmas I could have hoped for, but it was definitely better than eating chicken noodle soup, alone, on Christmas day in a cold house filled with silence.

I've rambled on again for quite a bit, now it's time for me to type up my fitness regime for all of you lovely people.

Enjoy and stay tuned!

- A

Oh Dear - Part 1

Hi Everyone,

So it looks as though I am not a dedicated blogger due to my first (and most recent) post being on the 13th of November 2011. I do apologize but as you know, sometimes life just takes over and keeps you busy.

Here's what's been happening in a nutshell:

- My boyfriend of over a year got scared and wanted to split up with me, after a long back and forth, however, we both came to the conclusion that he wasn't happy about being away from me so, after many long discussions I am happy to say, that he has asked me to move in with him, which leads me to my next point.

- I am moving back to London. I am so excited to see my friends again and to be back with my gorgeous boyfriend. I've missed everyone so much and it's been hard. I have had some frustrations with certain people, which again leads me to another point.

- I have had some personal family problems which I shall not air right this minute, the time will come when I share more with you, but for now you'll have to stay tuned. These problems have affected my life in many ways for many years, and have now, during my home visit, resurfaced. A particular friend of mine shares a similar story, however not from the same side as me, but from the side of the "wrong-doer". I try not to judge as it is her life, but I've been having troubles keeping in touch and even confiding in her about what has been happening, as I don't think she'll understand. She thinks she is in the right in her situation, and I do not see it as being so. More on that later, however.

- Other than the one big family problem looming over our heads currently is the fact that this same problem is occurring in another part of my family and at a very similar time. It is odd how these things apparently occur frequently and always in a similar manner. In turn, everything has come and collapsed, and the brunt of it is being carried by my beloved mother, who is suffering dearly and I can see it in her eyes that she has lost the happiness she once had. She herself has even said when she looks in the mirror, a sad person is staring back at her. Even though I was upset about having to move home for a while, I'm glad I had to right now, because I don't think my mother would have survived all of this pain without someone to carry a bit of weight with her. I hope one day she will realise how amazing she is. She is a role model to many, and so much stronger than a lot of people that I know. Again, however, I will divulge further details later, when my community of readers has increased.

- On a completely different note, I've had one job interview since I got back, obviously due to the fact that I am planning on leaving again in less than a month (ahh can't wait!!). It was a tough one... it was more of an assessment centre than an interview, and it was for a Media job (go figure!) only girls attended and it was a 7 hour day! My native language has gotten rusty whilst I was living abroad for 4 years, so I definitely struggled. When it got to the one-on-one interviews, I felt the interviewer was being quite condescending - definitely a bad cop interviewer. I tried to stay positive and show my dedication to the Media industry, but after a long hard day of struggling against people who were a lot older and schooled in the native language (I'd gone to an international school), it was safe to say that I would not get a job there. I thought I'd held myself pretty well for my first ever interview in my home country, and I did the best I could. Now, London cannot come soon enough as I already know the ins and outs of interviewing there and it comes easier to me - here's hoping I'll get a job, and soon!

- So I've also started to do Zumba and a whole surrounding fitness regime (including Pilates and weight lifting) to lose some weight! So far I've lost just over 6 Kgs (in 2 months) - not bad huh? I'd planned on being down to my god-weight by Feb but well, it doesn't happen that fast - dropped the first 5 Kgs within a month, then Christmas came and well, the eating commenced. It's alright though, I've been doing my workouts every day, and so at least managed not to gain any weight over Christmas (there's always a first!). As a matter of fact I actually managed to lose 1 Kg over the Xmas period, so if you're looking to lose weight, I will post another blog entry just after I finish this one and you can have a look and see if it suits you and go for it.

  • Please Note: Weight loss does not happen over night, you really need to work on it. Just because you've lost 5 Kgs in a month does not mean you're gonna keep losing weight that way! It's mostly water weight! You need to keep at it, there is no quick fix to losing weight. I've tried so many things and it's true, weight loss comes with a lot of effort, dedication, and persistence. Dedicate an hour to 1.5 hrs. a day to exercise, and adjust according to how much weight you want to lose. Once you've lost the weight, you will need to keep exercising at least 3x a week to maintain your weight. It is a lifestyle choice, and you will feel so much better. There was a time when I was so lazy and never wanted to exercise, now I get giddy when I haven't done my exercise because I enjoy it so much!

For now I've rambled on quite a bit about what's been going on, there's more to come but since I've just rambled about my exercise routine, I need to actually get off my bum and go do it. I'll post some more life updates later along with my fitness routine.

Stay Tuned!

- A