Sunday, 8 January 2012

Oh Dear - Part 2

Hi Everyone,

it's me again!
Here we go with part 2 of my recent developments of the last 2(ish) months:

- So one of my boyfriend's housemates (let's call him Jack) has been complaining about costs of rent ever since he moved in - this is kinda a long story but I'll shorten it as much as I can for you.
When he moved in, Jack seemed to be perfectly fine with the way rent was paid: a certain amount on the 1st of every month, which is, usually, perfect for everybody due to various pay-days. Jack was fully aware of bills and rent costs prior to signing the contract, and could have voiced any concerns back then, however he chose not to. The entire ordeal began before I'd even left London, as Jack decided that the day the rent was paid was not good enough for him - he could not afford it for the first two-three months. This was because his pay didn't arrive until the 12th of the month.
He decided to ask my boyfriend for a loan for those "few" days between paying the rent and receiving his own pay. My boyfriend agreed and drew up a contract to secure himself. Jack in turn was, of course, not happy about this contract as he thought my boyfriend would blindly trust him. This went on through various discussions with all housemates involved (3 altogether).
After a while, a conclusion was made, that Jack would phone the landlord and ask for the paying date to be moved to the 12th of every month. Now both my boyfriend and Alex (their other housemate) were fine with this, but of course it looked bad on their part as they never had any problems before.
I had specifically warned my boyfriend about the fact that this was not the end of it, that Jack would be back for more because he thought he'd be able to get away with it.
Of course, I was right. Barely 2 months after I left (this actually happened the day before yesterday), Jack decided to email their landlord (Ccing his girlfriend(!!), my boyfriend and Alex into the email). This would have been perfectly fine, had they had a prior discussion about what was going on. Jack complained the prices for each room were not fairly split, that no one wanted his room because it was "too expensive" - he was planning to move into my boyfriends room after he moved out and so they were trying to find another housemate for Jack's room. Everything blew up completely, finally coming to the point where everyone within the flat is ready to leave.

- In other news, my sister came to visit over the holidays and for the first time in almost 3 years we were together again as a family. I'd missed the previous 2 Christmases due to prior work commitments. It was not the best Christmas I could have hoped for, but it was definitely better than eating chicken noodle soup, alone, on Christmas day in a cold house filled with silence.

I've rambled on again for quite a bit, now it's time for me to type up my fitness regime for all of you lovely people.

Enjoy and stay tuned!

- A

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