Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Living The Princess Dream

Hi Everyone,

It's gonna be another short one today, unfortunately, as it's already close to midnight and I'm pretty tired (kinda lame, I know, but not much of a party girl these days!).

Today has been another one of those write-off's. The plan was to apply for jobs and start packing for London.

- Job Applications - check (done 6 today)
- Start Packing - NOPE! (instead I chose to have cocktails and sit and chat with my mother for hours).

After we had dinner and sat in the living room until about 9, we decided to venture upstairs to my mother's famous wardrobe (the woman just has so many clothes and shoes!!) to have a look at ball gowns. My parents are attending some kind of Gala soon, and mom wanted to figure out what to wear. So here she was trying on dresses, and one was so big, it just slipped right off her (yes, my mother is skinnier than me!!). You have to note here, I'm a UK size 10 - the dress was a UK 8! (just imagine how skinny my mother is!!)
But ok, the dress actually fit me, so it seems to come a bit bigger!
The dress is gorgeous, a black top part (covering the bust and coming down to just above the waist) a few rose shaped pieces lining the lower back and then it flows out into a dark purpley, almost wine colour. I know I haven't described it too well, but sadly I don't have a picture. When I was wearing it, I did feel like I was playing princess :)

I had a short exercising day today but have been feeling like the pounds aren't really coming off too quickly so I did another 20 minutes extra. I tell you, once the water weight is lost, it's really difficult to lose the rest, it's taken me nearly 6 weeks to lose 2 KGs whereas I lost 5 KGs in a month when I first started. It's not easy, but I'm determined (some might say I've gotten addicted to exercise)!
My boyfriend is already telling me how he's going to fatten me up again (please nooooo!!)!
I have to admit though, I've been drinking unusual amounts of alcohol recently (okay it's only 1 drink with dinner a day but still!!). I know that's adding to the difficulties. I think once I've moved I'll stop the drinking, alcohol is the worst thing to try and work off!!

Anyway lovely readers, I'm going to call it a night now as it has now gone past midnight and I'm a little exhausted (even though I've not done all that much today).

I'll be reviewing the following movies in the next few days:
- Contagion
- Friends with Benefits
- Crazy, Stupid Love

So As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A


  1. Hey A!

    I saw Contagion a while ago, really liked it! Just shows how something like that could happen!

    Good luck with the job hunting!

    1. I know!! I agree, kinda scary how similar kinds of things have happened, but luckily till now they've been caught in time and a vaccine has been created!

      Thanks :)
      - A