Monday, 9 January 2012

Another one for you movie lovers!

Hi Everybody,

Here is the second movie I'd like to review: The Hangover Part 2 (click for IMDB info)

Another one of the guys is getting married and, of course, a bachelor party is in order! The party, as always, is epic. The hangover, however, not so much! The film is (just like the first part) all about piecing together the night before, and trying to find one of the guys who got lost during the night. Along with a monk, an international criminal, and a drug dealing monkey, the gang goes about trying to figure out where the last member of the group has gotten to, and what happened the night before.

General Notes & Opinions:
- This film is, just like the Hangover Part 1, very funny! It has all sorts of twists and turns to it.
- General entertainment value is quite high, but again I would not rate it PG for your children as there is lots of swearing involved in this film too.
- Overall, I would rate this film:


I thought the film was funny and a brilliant way to spend a quiet night in with your friends, along with some pizza and wine (or beer if you prefer ;)) 

Let me know what you guys think of this film if you've seen it.

Stay tuned for more!

- A

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