Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Embarrassed much?!

Hi Everyone,

so this morning I got out of bed, opened the shutters of my bedroom window and then got changed (yes, I know, stupid order to do it in!!). I have to mention, here, that the neighbours house (nearest to my bedroom window) is about 10 metres away and both his and my garden is between both our houses, meaning someone would have to actually be in my garden to even be able to see through my window when the lights are off.
So I was getting changed, and all of a sudden I see someone walking past (bearing in mind I was stark naked at this point), so I jumped, trying to hide... only about 2 minutes later did I realise it was the neighbours cat waddling past! Embarrassed?! I think so!!

In other news, apparently my blog has reached bloglovin and LinkedIn (and no I have not registered it on any of these sites yet). A quick search for my blog today showed me that I have established quite a web of links, and some of my blog visitors must have somehow helped me do so too, which I'm quite chuffed about.

As a matter of fact - I'd like to write a quick note here, to thank all of you lovely followers and blog visitors, I've only been up and running for just over two weeks, and am not doing too badly so far, which is all thanks to you, so Thank You!

Anyway, I've only got a short one again for you today, as I'm still busy applying for jobs and preparing for the big move!

Thank you for reading and As Always,

Stay Tuned!

- A


  1. My cats always wander in when I'm getting changed. All cats are perverts I reckon.