Sunday, 26 February 2012

The World is in Need of Anger Management!

Hi Everyone,

I'm currently writing to you all, from a Starbucks in Central London. The reason for this, you ask?
Well, to be completely honest, I'm procrastinating on job applications. I've been sitting here for the past 30 minutes, looking at various jobsites and jobspecs and have found NOTHING suitable. I know 30 minutes doesn't sound particularly long, but it is when all you're doing is looking at job specs!

I thought, therefore, I'd write a little philosophical/thought provoking something.

Now, due to the fact that I live in London, I will be relating this post to my "tube" journeys. However for all you other readers, you've got public transport systems such as the Subway (in NYC), the S- and U-bahn in Munich, the Tram/underground system in Milan and Moscow, or other types of public transportation throughout the world, which you can relate this post to.

Have you ever read about other people's frustrations of sitting on the tube, and constantly being stared at by other people? I know I have. The reason why I ask is, it really is difficult to NOT look at other people, and what is going on around you.
In my experience, I especially love people watching for things such as fashion advice, what's in, what's not, what looks good, and even what looks bad on people with a similar body shape to me. It really can be a very helpful fashion guide. However, I've often been subjected to angry stares, probably because people think I'm judging them or something, but it really is frustrating.
Then again, I've got a little contradiction in the sense that I tend to "dish out" angry and annoyed stares myself, because I feel judged too by people staring at me. The only way to "break the ice" here, really, is to smile and look away.

Now here's the point to my post - why do some of us feel so uncomfortable and uneasy in our own skin, that we think others are judging us just by looking at us? Is this what the media teaches us? Or is it just a general feeling of not wanting to interact with strangers, in case something bad might happen to us?

I know I just read an awful report the other day on the Daily Mail website, here, about a young woman being thrown onto the tube tracks at Leicester Square (!!!) just for having short row with a man, about his hat! The perp, unfortunately, got away as well, and has not been caught! This incident happened over 6 months ago, and only now, has the footage been released to the public!
It makes me wonder what the world has come to, and why people are so vile and aggressive, just because they feel attacked by somebody's words. Whatever happened to "Sticks and Stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me"?
The day before yesterday, I also read a short article about a young man throwing a brick at somebody's head! I cannot remember the "reasoning" behind this, but again, aggressive behaviour occurs, due to...well not really any reason at all!
I just can't understand why people feel the need to resort to violence for every little issue!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings on the worlds "anger issues"! I will get back to my application process now!

Hoping you are all having an awesome weekend.

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

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