Thursday, 2 February 2012

Catching up...Again!

Hi Everyone,

so I've been bad again, I've missed another day of blogging!

I've had a lot going on since Sunday, it's a long and personal story which I don't really want to get into right this minute, but it's really stopped me from doing very much. The problem is I'm moving in 3 days (!!) and I've got to get ready.

I finished most of my packing today, but everywhere I turn I see more stuff I've forgotten to pack, it's like a never ending sea of stuff! I actually feel like I've got double the amount of stuff now than I did when I moved here three months ago, and I've actually scaled it down!

Having to pack only 2 suitcases (and 28Kgs in total) of stuff actually sent me into a huge waterfall of tears today (it's an emotional time so don't laugh - lol). I weighed my suitcases (before adding the laptop, hair dryer, straighteners etc. to them).

The result:
- Hand-luggage: 7Kgs
- Suitcase: 20 Kgs

Hence the cascading of tears... After packing the above mentioned electrics, my suitcase was 21 and my Hand-luggage 12 Kgs. Hand-luggage only allows for 8!! I decided to take some stuff out, and an hour later I was faced with frustration. Suitcase = 20Kgs, Hand-luggage = 10 Kgs.

I decided to take out so much stuff (some of which I actually need) managed to fit my laptop in my suitcase and get everything down to regulation weight when I read this online: you're allowed to take 23 Kgs in your big suitcase and you can actually take an extra, smaller bag on top of your hand luggage. So after re-packing again, I now have no idea how much everything weighs and I'm determined to take two bits of hand luggage. I'm just gonna have to be rebellious!

In other news - I have a telephone interview scheduled for the sales job I mentioned a few posts ago! This has brightened my spirits, I just hope I have enough time to prepare in the next two days, as the interview is on Monday, and I still have to finish getting ready, as well as actually move!

Anyway, now that I've caught you all up I will finish my post for the day. I realise I said I was going to review books/films for the next few days, but I haven't got the energy to write a proper review after all the back and forth of packing.

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A


  1. Oh dear, that sounds like a nightmare to pack!

    1. It was, and it only took 10 minutes to unpack, how annoying haha!