Friday, 3 February 2012

Short, and to the Point!

Hi Everyone,

So I've finally done it, I've finished packing! My room is a mess full of bags and boxes, but everything's ready to be brought to me at some point over the next few months. I've got a few more things to put into my suitcase for Sunday, but other than that, I'm done with more than a day to spare!!

I am so excited to be leaving in less than 2 days, but I'm getting a little worried. The weather forecast is starting to tell me it will be snowing!! Very bad news as I'm flying to the UK - they don't know how to handle snow and everything stops at the first sight of it! Ahhh!!
Fingers crossed the snow doesn't start till Monday!

I haven't started preparing for my job interview yet either, but I figure now that I'm done packing, I can use all day tomorrow to prepare, hopefully something will come of this interview. It's only a phone interview for now, but I'm still hoping it goes well, of course!

I've had a few more responses to my CV, but everyone keeps wanting to speak to me over the phone. Why people don't seem to understand that I'm abroad with no credit on my phone is beyond me! Unfortunately it also means that jobs are slipping away and so is people's interest in me. Hoping it'll pick up once I'm actually back in London though!

I've managed to lose another 2.5 Kilos over the last week as well, which is surprising, as all of a sudden it all just kind of dropped off! Pretty happy about that! Haven't got long to go - another 6.5(ish) Kilos until I reach my goal weight!!

Other than that, nothing exciting has happened recently. I know I've managed to write yet another short post, but as I said before, once in London, that will change!

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A


  1. It has snowed a fair bit in the UK but it's mostly gone where I live. I would think you'll be fine flying to London if that's where you are flying to.

    1. yeah I didn't have any troubles, good job I didn't fly to Heathrow, most of those were cancelled from my home airport!