Thursday, 1 March 2012


Hi Everyone,

I'm currently sitting in Starbucks (yes, again!!), writing this. I've just had two interviews, one at 10am and one at 12pm.
The job search is starting to pick up, I've got another interview waiting to be confirmed for some time next week, and am now waiting to hear back from three interviews altogether.

I believe the fashion production company has decided to go with someone else as I haven't heard from them, which is fine by me as it all sounded a little dodgy to me anyway.
The non-profit organisation called today, saying they have not yet come to a decision as the key decision maker has not been in the office, meaning I will not hear back until next week.

The 10am interview was in Camden (!!) and took about an hour and a quarter, I got there a little early, which was good as I cut it quite close with making the interview at 12pm.
The first 35 minutes of the interview entailed taking two tests. The first one was the compilation of an Excel sheet, creating formulas for specific cells etc. I found it quite easy and was finished after about 15 minutes. The next test was a reasoning and mathematical test. I found this quite easy too and for some strange reason I was able to look at the numbers and just work out a few difficult questions by seeing a pattern. The only thing I stumbled upon, which is actually quite embarrassing, was a question which asked for the capital city of Spain. I kept wavering between Barcelona and Madrid. I knew Barcelona wasn't it, so I chose Madrid...luckily!
After both tests, I was asked a few interview questions, which I thought went quite well. I got on well with the interviewer, and the company actually sounds pretty great, even if it is a sales job, it doesn't sound too bad at all! At 11.10, I got a little nervous. I was still in the interview and had to be in a completely different part of London at 12pm. Luckily the interview finished shortly after, and I sped to the Tube station.

By the time I got to my next interview, it was only 11.40! pretty quick journey, and I took a few minutes to brace myself before walking into the building. I've always been told, it's great to be early for an interview, but you don't want to be too early, otherwise you look overly eager and desperate, and it's just annoying for the employer if he's trying to get stuff done by a certain time.

This next interview only lasted about 20 minutes, and to be honest, I don't think it went too well. I had done all of my research the night before, studied up on the company, made sure I knew what the role would entail, and made sure I knew the key elements for this interview. When it got to the interview, however, due to the fact that I'd been preparing for two interviews, both so close together, in one day, I completely forgot what I'd learned the night before. I was able to explain my knowledge of what the company did in a few sentences, which was good, but did leave out a few things. When it came to the role itself, I completely blacked out. I knew what it was, but in that instance I just couldn't remember. Embarrassing? I think so!
The interviewer explained everything to me in some more depth and we then proceeded to go through my CV. In the end, the interviewer said he's still seeing other people and I'd find out about next stages by next week. He also said that even if I don't get through to the next stage, he would feed back to HR about my interests career wise, as the company likes to keep people in mind and possibly use them for other roles across the business. It's good, but at the same time not so good.

Otherwise, I've had a few recruitment agents call me about other roles which may be of interest.
Fingers crossed I'll find something soon!

Otherwise, I'll be meeting my friend later on today! I haven't seen her since I left London in November, so I'm quite excited to see her and have a catch up, as it's been a while!

Yesterday, I had two meetings with recruitment agents as well, one of them was rather promising, and I'm hoping to hear from him either by tomorrow, or the beginning of next week. After those meetings, I met up with my boyfriend in town, as he had a day off. We decided to go for a Pizza Hut buffet (YUM!) but walked around for about two and a half hours trying to find one! By the time we did, it was 2.30, meaning nearly buffet closing time. I got my buffet, though, and was happy. I pretty much ate my entire days worth of calories in that one meal!

Otherwise, there's not much to report. Hoping for some positive news very soon, as I'd really like to get the career started!!

I will keep you all posted on my adventures!

As Always, Stay Tuned,

- A

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