Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturday Night Blues

Hi Everyone,

It's Saturday evening and I'm at home, alone, sitting in bed! I've decided this would be a good time to write to you all, as I currently have a fear of "overusing" the internet data allowance for this month, due to my frequent watching of Nikita. I'm waiting until Midnight, so I can watch it for free, 1 and 3/4 hours left to go!

I've had a fairly busy, yet uninteresting day today - I went out to pick up the boyfriend's dry-cleaning, bought some milk and vegetables and came back home. I hovered, applied for a few more jobs, and did my exercise. I've been good again, the last few days, making sure I do my exercise. I've been doing 30 minutes of weight lifts, 22 minutes of Pilates, and at least 45 minutes of Zumba every day for the past three days, and am planning on continuing this way. I need to scale up again after all, and now is the perfect time to do so as my boyfriend is working all weekend long, and I have to find some way to occupy myself!

Yesterday, I had a pretty boring day. I spent most of the day applying for jobs, and talking to my best friend on the phone. He, just like me, doesn't have a job at the moment. He actually might have an offer impending, however his references are taking a while to get sorted, so he is, of course, in a bit of panic. I do have to say though, that I feel a little overwhelmed with other people's problems when I have so many of my own. I don't have the heart to tell people that, because I believe that true friends should be there for one another, no matter what, but it is aggravating when you're trying to dig yourself out of your own hole and somebody comes and dumps some more dirt on top of you.

On Thursday, I went to see my old housemates. I went to the old house (the same as always I must say) and we had some wine and talked for three hours. It was just three of us, as unfortunately two of them were working/had other plans, but I will be visiting again, so hopefully I'll catch them next time. Whilst I had a great time there, I do realise I'm quite glad I moved out of there. Apparently landlord and tenant relationships have broken down, and the landlords are getting more and more annoyed at certain people within the house (one of which I can actually kind of understand). One of the girls has suffered heartbreak although all of us agree it's for the best for everyone involved, another one of the girls is moving to Australia in a few months (which is pretty awesome if you ask me!!) and I met the new housemate, who seems fairly bubbly and nice. According to the other girls, however, they aren't getting along too well, but I've always found a problem in that house (or any house where there are only girls living) is the fact that bitching ALWAYS happens behind people's backs. I don't know why girls can't just be honest and up front with others, it really shouldn't be that big of a deal, and it would really help in terms of stopping things from escalating into unnecessary arguments.
I know we all do it (myself included!), but if everybody just stopped bitching and putting other people down, we'd probably find a lot more people who we have things in common with, and never thought we'd be friends with them. Unfortunately, it's not how the world works, but here's hoping!

In terms of the job situation, it's get more and more difficult. I find myself applying to jobs at all hours of the day, but I'm also trying to find a balance between applying for jobs, and not driving myself completely insane by doing so. The pressure from my boyfriend isn't helping either. I know he's only trying to help but I do feel like I'm giving it my best shot and he's not appreciating it as much as I'd hoped.
I've also begun to branch out completely from what I want to do. I realise that I turned a job down because it wasn't what I wanted, but at this point I'm thinking, I do prefer an office job to a bar job, so even if I have to go into some kind of corporate sales, it's better than standing behind a bar for hours on end, especially because I have a bad back (yeah yeah I sound like a bit of a granny!). I know the back thing is my own fault - it was just considered "cool" to wear your school bag down to your bum during high school! Now I wish I'd listened to my dad when he warned me about messing up my back. Hindsight eh?!

Anyway, I need to get the last bit of my exercise done for the day, and then find something to do for another hour and a bit.

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A


  1. Nikita is a great series. It is well worth watching in your spare time. Exercise is great, but it is also good to get out and get some fresh air and observe other people. It can be quite inspirational.
    Looking for a job can be discouraging. It is definitely hard, especially when the economy is the way it is, and everyone needs an income, regardless of what you really want to do.
    I took what I thought was a 'dead end' job, 23 years ago. I ended up going back to school and upgrading, and here I am still working for the same outfit. It is not the perfect job, but it is interesting, and it pays the bills.

    1. Hi Sienna,
      I have to say, this comment is rather inspirational itself! Thank you, it really does help hearing how other people have taken jobs that are not ideal, but excelled in them and are still happy, even if it's not their first choice!