Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentine's Day

Hi Everyone,

Valentine's Day has come and gone for another year, and I have to say, I've had yet another good day.
My boyfriend and I went to a Michelin Star restaurant for an early lunch, and it was amazing! 3 courses of gorgeous food, and a few complimentary bits from the chef later, and I was absolutely stuffed.
My Starter was the best: Ravioli of Quail leg, with a mushroom and white wine sauce. That sauce was like an explosion of flavours in my mouth. Best food I've EVER eaten!
I also had my first macaroon ever (passion fruit flavour), which was really good, for some reason I always thought I wouldn't like them very much, but this one was pretty good I must say.
After eating, we went and had a look at Harrods, now I've never been there before, but both Harrods and Selfridges are probably my two favourite department stores! I just love the beautiful bags and shoes you can find there. I also had a look at the art gallery inside Harrods, there were a few nice pieces there, even one by my favourite artist: Salvador Dali!
It was pretty amazing to see the great art displayed there. There wasn't a lot, but the pieces displayed were amazing.

Speaking of art, my all time favourite painting is (of course) also by Dali:
The Famous Melting Clocks Painting

I love the abstractness of this painting so much, the first time I saw it (about 8 years ago) I just thought it was so cool, it's almost like a symbol of how time is melting away.
I never used to be much of an art fan at school, but I do like sketching and drawing, and I do enjoy pieces of abstract art, or paintings from the Renaissance. Abstract art is just quirky, and cool to look at. It's really fun to interpret as well. Renaissance art, however, is so beautiful, and trying to interpret it and take it all in can be really fun too.

Anyway, back to my updates!

In terms of the job front, I decided to cancel all of my job interviews for this week and start over. The jobs were either too far away, or some sort of sales related jobs. I don't want to end up in the same fiasco as before, with a job that I hate, and the dread of having to look for yet another one. I decided it's time to find a job I'm good and and one I actually want. Hoping something comes along soon but it's not looking to great right now. I've had no calls in the last 2 days, and emails have been slowing down too. I'm really hoping it's just one of those "mid-week busy periods" rather than a lack of interest. I have had a few rejection emails (which is of course normal) but thankfully only about 3 or 4. I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow on the job front.
Of course the regret of turning down my job offer has now begun to set in too. I know it's for the best because it's not what I want to do, but at the same time I'm angry because it was still a job.

I was supposed to speak to the two employers about it on Monday, but got an email saying "We've decided to look for someone new, sorry." This infuriated in two ways:
- One: I was the one turning the job down and they made it sound like they were turning me down.
- Two: my weekend was ruined due to the fact that I was worrying about the conversation I was going to have with them, and it didn't end up happening.

Other than these few things, I've started watching 24! I think it's brilliant, haven't really seen much of it, but so far it's pretty good. I'll be sure to review it at a later point in time, when I've watched more than half of the first season and can be more objective.

I'm hoping you've all had a good Valentine's day too. It's another short one for now as I've got to get back to those job apps.

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

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