Saturday, 21 July 2012

My Saturday Night

Hi Everyone,

This post is dedicated to my Saturday night from last week.
I'd gone back to the old house in South East London, where I used to live, for a house party. 3 of my old housemates, and a the girl who moved into my room after I'd left, are moving out of the house simultaneously, so they had a leaving do.

Now, two of them are moving out because the landlord has basically decided he doesn't like them, and doesn't want them living there. One of the girls is moving to Australia (so awesome), and the fourth is moving in with her boyfriend!

So back to the party. I got there at around 7.30 (after leaving my house about an hour later than I'd actually planned to, and not realising how the long journey actually was). We all sat around in the garden, drinking and chatting, waiting for everyone else to arrive, and from then on everything started turning into a bit of a blur, but here are the key parts:

  • We decided to have a little fire in the garden, which we put in a broken shower base - cracked from a previous fire. 
  • I found my old door leaning against the garden fence (the landlord had obviously been a bit lazy in getting rid of it), which totally helped keep the fire going after dark. 
  • It started raining, just when we decided to light some flying lanterns. We got a few going, and I really hope they didn't land somewhere and burn down a house or a tree, but I didn't see anything in the news, so I think we're safe.
  • I managed to cut my hand in three places, on the screw top of a wine bottle.
  • I drank a good bottle and a half of wine
  • Someone spilled wine all over my (gorgeous) Top-Shop Blazer (dry cleaners please!!!)
  • I talked to a lot of people about how they proposed/were proposed to (apparently the marriage talk comes out when I'm drunk).
  • and the best of all, my old housemate (the only one staying in the house) decided to take pictures, complain to the landlord, and call the police because she didn't want to join the party, which is around about the time when I left.
After I left the party, I walked to the bus stop at about 1am (completely drunk I might add). Once I got there, I had a rather unpleasant encounter with a man - which I can only laugh about now. 
I called my boyfriend about 20 times and left 2 horrible voicemails and sent 3 horrible texts to him in my distress of not knowing how to get home (I should mention I was actually planning on leaving the party at 11pm, rather than 1 am!). 

Eventually, I made it home at 3am, a long bus journey and taxi ride later, McDonald's bag in hand!

Even though the journey was a bit of a pain, and I ended up getting ill from running around in the rain for hours, and ruining a perfect pair of white shoes with mud, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was happy to see my friends. 

I will leave you with this quote:

My Saturday Night

That's all from me today.

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

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