Sunday, 13 May 2012

Summer Fashion

Hi Everyone,

so the sun is finally out, and the short sleeved shirts and sunglasses have made an appearance.
I've been looking at the gorgeous summer fashion for this year, and am still looking for the perfect summer dress. Last year I was unable to find something because, for some reason, the browns and beige's did not really take my fancy.

This year, however, it's all colours, and bright colours at that, so inspiration is striking and I'm loving the different styles, meaning I will have a difficult time trying to decide on what I'd like to buy. Here are some examples of what I fancy:

New Look Dress
New Look


Zara Dress

The above three dresses are just some of the types of dresses I've been looking at, and really wanting to buy! I do actually have a dress which is pretty similar to the one by Zara, but I just love those types of dresses - they are so cute!

Anyway, this is all from me today, as it's time to enjoy the sun!

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

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