Monday, 7 May 2012

Chilli Shots and Recent Occurrences

Hi Everyone,

So in recent occurrences, I went to Vodka Revolution's on Saturday, and drank a few chilli shots - those are really spicy! I decided to be "clever" and put one into my cocktail, thinking the spice would be masked by the cocktail....but no - my entire cocktail turned spicy. Needless to say, lesson learned!

Anyway, all in all it was a good night out, met some cool people and have decided to try and organise a lunch with a few of the girls I met - thought it would be good to just catch up with the girls, without the men around!

Anyway, today is a bank holiday in the fabulous land of the Brits, and I get to relax all day long whilst the boyfriend (who works in retail) is at work!

I've decided to start training for a 10k run with some colleagues at work. Some of them are run a 10k race very soon - I don't actually want to run that, but I do want to train with them so I can get fit and increase my exercise again. I actually stopped exercising for a while because I've been so tired from work, but now that I've settled into my routine, it's time to get back onto that horse because I do really want to lose some more weight.

It's only a short entry from me today, as I've not got too much inspiration going on today.

However just a quick note to those of you adding me on Google+ (see previous post) - I've had to change the name appearing on my profile as "anonymous" doesn't comply with Google policy, so I've chosen a pen name (Amy Mines) which is currently being reviewed by Google. Just letting you know so there's no confusion when adding me! :)

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

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