Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Inspiration Strikes at Starbucks!

Hi Everyone,

So apparently, inspiration strikes at Starbucks!

Here's an update on what's been happening:
the Non-profit organisation got back to me. Unfortunately, it was a no from them. However my motto in these situations is "onwards and upwards"!
The calls I've had from recruitment agents turned out not to be so fruitful.
One of them really annoyed me. She sent me a specification for a job which was clearly above my level. I really hate it when that happens, it is such a waste of time. The worst part is, she got me an interview at the company, without even asking if I was interested. How she got me that interview in the first place is a mystery to me, but I wrote her a fairly direct email, expressing my feelings about this particular job. She then had the cheek to call me again, with the same job spec, and had clearly forgotten that I'd already said no!

I've been applying to jobs like crazy since last Thursday, and it's been good so far!
I have three interviews in total today alone! One of them being a second interview from one of the jobs I went for last week. It went so so, but the chairman seemed a bit concerned about my educational track record. I had a call from them an hour after I left, with a few follow up questions. They are now considering their options and will get back to me shortly!

I have two more interviews today, both of them very interesting, both online related, so right up my street! I'll report on how they all go, either this evening or at some point tomorrow!

I've also started watching another show called "2 Broke Girls". It's really funny so far. Yet again, however, I haven't watched enough of it to be able to review it, but I promise to do so once I've seen a bit more!
Continued watching 24 as well, which is still pretty good, and keeps you on your toes with lots of cliff hangers!

In other news, I'm moving on Saturday! I'm really quite excited!! My boyfriend and I are going to sign the contracts on Friday, so the deal is pretty much sealed! Just have to start packing (again) now! As I've got no more interviews this week, I've got enough time to sort everything out in peace. My boyfriend is on holiday too, which is helpful, and his parents are coming down on Friday to help with the move!

I still haven't gathered up the courage to ask my dad to bring the rest of my stuff to London, but I will be emailing him by the end of today, because I really do need my things, and he did say he would bring them after all!

My blog visitor numbers have gone up recently, which is, of course, excellent!

For now, there's not much else to say! I do have to get back to my research as well, so I will write some more soon!

As Always, Stay Tuned!

- A

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