Saturday, 8 December 2012

Next Trousers and Recent Updates

Hi Everyone,

Today's post is all about Next Trousers and recent updates, as it's been a ridiculously long time (over a month!) since I've last posted something.

Here are some updates:

I have recently taken on a second job, which I'm quite excited about. It's similar to what I'm currently doing, but a little more related to what I want to be going in the direction of in the future. The job will take up 10 hours of my time, every week!

I have moved homes, I now live in the centre of London, as opposed to outside of the city. It takes me 30 minutes to get to work compared to 1 hour, and it's really convenient to go places during the weekend or after work! The flat is a lot bigger and very modern, and I love it (despite the fact that everything runs on electricity and the bills will give me several heart attacks over the next year)!

I've pretty much completed most of my Christmas shopping (just the boyfriend's parents left now!) and everything is looking pretty good.

The company I work for is in the process of changing, and the clothing policy has changed - it's all smart and professional dress now, which I quite like as I like a little businessy dress or trousers and shirt. - By the way please do drop me a line if you know any good retailers for business clothing, so far my business wardrobe consists of Next and (I dare say) Primark! Any tips will help as I REALLY need some new tops to go with some very unique trousers, see the following pictures:

Next Trousers
Next Grey Check Trousers

Next Trousers
Next Check Trousers

Anyway, the main issue I'm having is finding a nice black suit (preferably with trousers but could buy both trousers and skirt to match the jacket). If anyone has any tips (for tailored fits) please, please let me know!

That's really it for today.

As Always, Stay Tuned!
- A

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